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       1991 - 2021
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I am currently working towards graduation. These works are a small selection of the things I have produced so far. Its not final, but they are all unique and only exist one time. Fotoemulsion on canvas. 2021.

Steel Rebar, Envelopes/Letters from Grandfather, Packing Paper

Work from 2021 above
Work from 2020 below

2020  ///  (on filmset of “Pebble and the Rocket”)
150 x 160 cm

Below is a sketch of what will be moulds of my cup sculptures. I came into contact with these plastic cups, what were essentally the first kinds of tupperware made in Austria durring the 1960s. They were so beautiful that I could not resist to take a couple thousand for my own self. Up until now I have always displayed the real cups themselves, but now I would like to make castings from them so that more people might enjoy their qualities. More about this project to come in 2021.

Below are current Emulsion works, photographs from my archive.

2020 emulsion on canvas

150 x 160, Emulsion on Canvas

(not yet titled) 2020
Photo Emulsion on Canvas
150 x 160 cm


Artist Book
Photo Emulsion on Offset Beige Paper
28 Unique Editions + 1 Prototype

At the time of creation I was 28 years old. There are 28 copies, 28 pages.

DNA is an Artist Book where in which you will see one of my CUPS sculptures that I am known to make every once in a while. What I do with these plastic cups is simple. I stack them up, forming rolling landscaps and boundaries within the space I work with them in at the particular time. One of my hopes was to transform my physical sculptures into photography, and the end result was this book.

While there are 28 copies, not one copy is quite like the other, allthough they are technically all the same page for page. This is due to the process involved durring the production of this book. Each page is hand cut to size, and coated with light sensitive photographic emulsion, exposed and developed.

Below this text you can see an up close of the inside cover of the book and also a photograph with the book unfolded.

Matera, Italy
Photo Emulsion, Black and White Negatives

In the city of Matera there are hundreds of ancient water reservoirs that lay beneath the city surface. The reservoir was transformed momentarily to a darkroom, where in which I coated the walls with a ring of photo sensitive emulsion. Using my negatives taken and developed during our time in the region, I exposed the emulsion using a singular light source that lit up the water reservoir and exposed the emulsion.

The end result is a ring of photographs that surround the viewer.